EPRA Information

In November 2016, the EPRA Reporting & Accounting Committee (European Public Real Estate Association) published the updated version of its Best Practices Recommendations “Best Practices and Recommendations 2”, relating to the presentation, analysis and calculation of the main business performance indicators for real estate firms.

Lar España fully supports and endorses the principle of standardising the reporting of performance indicators from the perspective of comparability and improving the quality of information provided to investors and other users of the financial reports.

For this reason, key performance indicators are reported in a separate chapter at the end of our financial reporting as per EPRA guidelines.

In September 2020, Lar España was awarded for the sixth year running the Gold Award from the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) in recognition of the quality of the financial information provided by the company. Lar España was also awarded for the first time with the most prestigious recognition from EPRA, the Gold Award, related to the information about Corporate Social Responsibility.

This highlights the international recognition for the information reported by Lar España and made available to its shareholders.


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