Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of 7 directors, 5 of whom are independent and 2 are proprietary directors.
The profiles of each member of the Board of Directors are detailed below:

5 Independent Directors

Jose Luis del Valle Consejero Independiente

Jose Luis del Valle Doblado
Chairman of the Board and Independent Director

Alec Emmot Consejero Independiente

Alec Emmott
Independent Director

Maxwell Cooke Consejero Independiente

Roger Maxwell Cooke
Chair of the Appointments, Remuneration and Sustainability Committee and Independent Director

Isabel Aguilera Consejera Independiente

Isabel Aguilera Navarro
Independent Director

Leticia Iglesias Consejera Independiente

Leticia Iglesias Herraiz
Chair of the Audit and Control Committee and Independent Director

2 Proprietary Directors

Miguel Pereda Consejero Dominical

Miguel Pereda Espeso
Proprietary Director

Laurent Luccioni Consejero Dominical

Laurent Luccioni
Proprietary Director

Board of Directors Secretariat

Gómez-Acebo Secretaría del Consejo

Juan Gómez-Acebo
Secretary of the Board

Susana Guerrero Secretaría del Consejo

Susana Guerrero
Vice-secretary of the Board and Legal Manager

Appointments and Remunerations Committee

  • Roger Maxwell Cooke (Chairman)
  • Alec Emmott (Member)
  • Miguel Pereda Espeso (Member)
  • Laurent Luccioni (Member)
  • Juan Gómez-Acebo Sáenz de Heredia (Secretary)

Audit and Control Committee

  • Leticia Iglesias Herraiz (Chairman)
  • José Luis del Valle Doblado (Member)
  • Isabel Aguilera Navarro (Member)
  • Juan Gómez-Acebo Sáenz de Heredia (Secretary)

Board of directors: remuneration

Name or company name of the director Number of direct voting rights (A) Indirect voting rights Total Number of voting rights (A+B) % on total voting rights
Holder of participation Number of voting rights (B)
José Luis del Valle 100,000.00 Eugemor, SICAV, S.A. 47,425 147,425.00 0.168%
Isabel Aguilera 2,620.00 2,620.00 0.003%
Alec Emmott 1,155.00 1,155.00 0.001%
Roger M, Cooke 2,500.00 2,500.00 0.003%
Miguel Pereda 29,905.00 29,905.00 0.034%
Leticia Iglesias 0 0 0.000%
Name Current Directorship in listed companies Current Directorship in non-listed companies
Mr. José Luis del valle Wizink Bank
Ocaso Seguros
Instituto de Consejeros- Administradores
Mr. Alec Emmott CeGeREAL S.A. (representing Europroperty Consulting)
Mr. Roger M. Cooke
Ms. Isabel Aguilera Oryzon Genomics S.A. Making Science
Cemex S.A.B. Canal de Isabel II
Clínica Baviera S.A.
Ms. Leticia Iglesias AENA SME, S.A. ABANCA Corporación Bancaria, S.A.
Mr. Miguel Pereda Fomento del Entono Natural
Villamagna S.A. (as person representing Fomento del Entono Natural S.L.)
Mr. Laurent Luccioni Carmila
Name or company name of the director Director category Board position First Appointment Date Last Appointment Date Election procedure
José Luis del Valle Independent Chairman 05/02/2014 17/03/2020 Re-election in Board
Alec Emmott Independent Director 05/02/2014 17/03/2020 Re-election in Board
Roger M. Cooke Independent Director 05/02/2014 17/03/2020 Re-election in Board
Miguel Pereda Proprietary Director (on behalf of Grupo Lar Inversiones Inmobiliarias) Director 05/02/2014 17/03/2020 Re-election in Board
Laurent Luccioni Proprietary Director (on behalf of PIMCO) Director 29/05/2017 17/03/2020 Proportional representation
Isabel Aguilera Independent Director 29/05/2017 22/04/2021 Re-election in Board
Leticia Iglesias Independent Director 16/10/2018 25/04/2019 Cooptation ratified by the Board


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