What are cookies?

A cookie is a small file stored in the user’s computer, mobile or tablet when they enter certain web pages, applications or platforms. It lets the web pages, applications or platforms recognise the user.

Cookies are essential today for the Internet to work, giving countless advantages by providing interactive services, helping browsing and usability.

Cookies help to adapt websites, apps and platforms to the user’s personal needs.

They cannot damage your devices. On the contrary, if they are activated they can help identify and fix errors, as well as improve the user’s browsing.

Among other things, cookies help store and recover information about the user’s or their hardware’s browsing preferences.

This website, application or platform uses cookies and/or similar technology to store and recover information when you browse. In general, such technologies can help for very different purposes, such as recognising you as a user, obtaining information about your browsing habits or personalising the way information is shown to you.

The specific ways we use these technologies are given below.

  1. What cookies do we use?

In www.larespana.com we use cookies, logs, links and other technologies to store the user’s preferences in order to improve the quality of our services, ensure the technical workings of the portal as well as the operations carried out, measuring the website’s audience and developing new, better performance, products and services provided.

Cookie owner

  • We use third-party cookies (for example, cookies from Facebook, Google, Twitter etc.) used by external companies, social networks or external content add-ons (for example, Google Maps). They are sent to the user’s terminal from a third-party entity’s device or domain that processes data contained via the cookies.

Use of the cookies

  • We use technical cookies, which are strictly necessary for the user to access and browse larespana.com.

This allows the user to browse a web page, platform or application, and to use the different options and services it provides, including ones that are used to enable a web page to be operated and managed and to enable functions and services such as checking traffic and communicating data on beginning the session, entering restricted access areas, remembering the elements involved in a purchase order, carrying out the purchasing process, managing payment, checking on fraud linked to the security of the service, processing a request to sign up for or participate in an event, counting the visits for the purpose of invoicing software licences with which the service works (website, platform or application), using security elements during browsing, storing content to disseminate video or sound, enabling dynamic content (for example, text or image animation on loading) and sharing content via the social networks.

Due to their technical nature, this category also includes cookies that enable advertising spaces to be managed as efficiently as possible that make up another element of design or “layout” of the service offered to the user that the editor has included in the web page, application or platform based on criteria such as the content written, without compiling the users’ information for other purposes such as personalising such advertising content or other content.

Such cookies do not require informed consent from the user.

  • We use analysis or measurement cookies, which enable the users’ behaviour to be monitored and analysed in the linked websites, including a quantification of the impact of adverts.

The information gathered via this kind of cookie is used to measure activity in the website, application or platform in order to make improvements to the products or services offered based on an analysis of the data about the use made of the service by the users.

Such cookies require informed consent from the user.

Duration for which the cookies are kept:

  • We use session cookies, which are designed to gather and store data while the user accesses the web page. They are usually used to store information that is only worth keeping to provide the service requested by the user just once (for example, a list of products acquired) and they disappear when the session is over.
  • We use persistent cookies, in which the data continues to be stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed for a definite period of time by the party responsible for the cookie, which can vary from a few minutes to several years.

This type of information obtained via cookies will not be communicated to third parties, nor used for unsolicited communications.

  1. How can our users manage the cookies we use?

Users of www.larespana.com can manage the cookies and therefore reject them individually or completely in the Settings Panel.

If the cookies are de-activated or rejected, some functions or services may not work properly.

The portal has no control over the websites shown as a result of your search, links or accesses from our directory. Such other websites can place their own cookies or request personal information from you.

  1. How can our users de-activate cookies in the main browsers?

It is normally possible to stop the browser from accepting cookies, or to stop accepting cookies from a specific service.

All modern browsers enable users to change their cookie settings.

These adjustments are usually found in your browser’s “options” or “preferences” menu.

Although they can vary slightly from one browser version to another, the most commonly used browsers’ cookie policy settings are as follows:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools > Internet options > Privacy > Settings.
  • Firefox: Preferences > Privacy and security.
  • Chrome: Preferences > Settings > Show advanced options > Privacy and security.
  • Safari: Preferences > Privacy.
  • Opera: Settings > Privacy and security.

For more information, see your browser’s support or help or use the following links: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Opera.

Many browsers allow for a private mode that always clears cookies after your visit. Depending on each browser, this private mode can have different names. Below, you can find a list of the most common browsers and the different names for this “private mode”.

  • Internet Explorer 8 and above: Private Browsing
  • Safari 2 and above: Private Browsing
  • Opera 10.5 and above: Private browsing
  • FireFox 3.5 and above: Private browsing
  • Google Chrome 10 and above: Incognito
  1. How can I disable third-party cookies?

Remember that if you accept cookies from third parties, you must delete them from your browser’s options or from the system provided by the third party.

If you wish to know the terms for privacy and usage of third-party cookies, you can access their cookie policies at:

  1. What happens if I don’t accept the website’s cookies?

If the user does not allow cookies to be installed on their browser, they may not be able to access some sections of our website.

  1. Is my data transferred internationally?

According to Articles 44 et seq. of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), transfers are legitimate if they are based on an adequacy decision by the European Commission, or if there are adequate guarantees given by a legally binding instrument enforceable by public authorities and bodies, or via binding corporate bylaws, or standard clauses adopted or approved by the Commission, or by codes of conduct or certification mechanisms. Otherwise, authorisation will be necessary from the competent control authority, or failing that, explicit consent from the interested party or another of the possibilities contained in Art. 19 GDPR.

We inform you that www.larespana.com does not transfer your data internationally.

As for third-party cookies, you can find information about transfers to third-party countries which, where applicable, are carried out by the third parties identified in this cookie policy and in their corresponding policies (see the links given above).

  1. Is a profile created of my browsing activity, and are automated decisions taken that may affect me legally or significantly?

We inform you that www.larespana.com does not create profiles of your browsing activity that lead to automated decisions that may affect you legally or significantly.

  1. Is my sensitive data processed?

We inform you that www.larespana.com does not process sensitive data.

  1. More information

For more information about cookies and your user rights, you can consult the Guide to using cookies written by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD).

For more information about processing of your personal data, you can access Lar España’s Privacy Policy.