10 years of commitment

10 years of commitment to...

Environmental Impact

Verónica Montalbán Granero
Manager of the Corporate and ESG Department at Lar España

In today’s business world, sustainability and the disclosure of non-financial information are essential for developing robust corporate strategies. In this context, Lar España has established a strong commitment to social and environmental values since its inception.

Since we began our journey in 2014, our goal has been to become a benchmark for sustainable retail in Spain. To achieve this, we have implemented an ambitious approach supported by a solid strategic framework, our ESG Master Plan, and our Sustainability Policy, both aligned with global initiatives such as the United Nations Global Compact and the Paris Agreement (COP-21).

Over the past decade, we have continuously improved the management of our assets, obtaining certifications such as BREEAM, ISO 14001 and 45001, Universal Accessibility, or Carbon Footprint Reduction from MITERD.

We have focused our efforts on increasing the efficiency of our assets, progressing through our Energy Efficiency Plans, Activity Decarbonization, Waste Management, and Calculation and Reduction of our Water Footprint.

Our business vision involves collaboration with the various stakeholders involved in our activity: with our tenants, who adhere to environmental clauses in their contracts; with our suppliers, who share our efforts to contribute to sustainable development, and with the communities in which we operate, actively promoting our values.

Looking to the future, we recognize the challenges facing our society in this widespread moment of transition covering diverse fronts such as climate, energy, biodiversity preservation, adoption of the circular economy, or technological transition. Each of these aspects requires our effort to adapt to the changing demands of society and contribute to its sustainable development.

For this reason, we approach the work to be done in the coming years with confidence, as in these ten years, we have demonstrated that we are capable of reinventing ourselves to turn all kinds of issues into challenges and business growth opportunities.

Thus, Lar España has solidly and consistently committed to its society and its time, aiming to be recognized as the true vanguard of sustainability strategy in the real estate sector.